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ARMORED INTERNATIONAL is a private company for brokering and consultancy for selling weapons for military destination. It is, also, a new and flexible company adapted to the rigors and demands of the global economic market. We provide top services and products for our customers worldwide, except for the countries under EMBARGO. Please check the international list to see the countries excluded from our services. Our high quality equipment, already known on the international market for its reliability, is now available to our clients, directly from the producers. Our strong points are the attractive prices for the products we intermediate and the negotiation skills for the contract terms, in order to provide both the producers and the buyers a win-win situation.

Our main goal is the QUALITY of the products we intermediate and of the services we provide. In this respect, ARMORED INTERNATIONAL already implemented the quality assurance system according to the international ISO 9001 standards series requirements and it’s fully certified and qualified by the Romanian ministries and agencies for legally provide such services. Based on our knowledge of the Romanian economic and financial system, but also having considered our military background, ARMORED INTERNATIONAL is the right company to provide its clients military consultancy and brokering for military goods services. We have good connections to the Romanian producers, but also to the international ones and we have managed to achieve a certain degree of notoriety on the market in time. In Romania, under which law we offer our services, Military Consultancy and Brokering services for military import-export activities are covered by Government Ordinance no 158/1999 on the control regime of export, import and other operations of military goods, republished. You can read more details about legal framework on the Romanian authority for such activities, ANCEX.


Military Weapons

ARMORED INTERNATIONAL provides consultancy and brokering services for the trade of military goods.

Armored Vehicles

ARMORED INTERNATIONAL provides consultancy and brokering services for the trade of armored vehicles.


We provides consultancy and brokering services for small weapons, whether for military or civil purposes.